Cooking Quinoa Water Ratio

Quinoa water ratio

It is one of the question that coming up when for the first time you cooking quinoa. Quinoa water ratio is very important for cooking, because this has impact on the end result. For the start you can always go for the “basic” quinoa cooking: 1 cup of grain with 1 cup of water. For more details you can see video about “How to cook quinoa?” .

Increasing quinoa water ratio – Soup

When preparing soups and casseroles you’ll want your quinoa being very soft and fluffy to match another components as part of your dish. In such a case I might consume to 3 glasses of water to prepare the quinoa and boil it for 15 -18 minutes. When there is  water still left you can keep the quinoa inside the pan to soak up all of the left over water. For mixing your soup tasty recipes in the machine mixer it’s important that you’ve got made the quinoa quite soft in order that it mixes in effectively with all the other components.

Decreasing quinoa water ratio – Crispy

It is advisable to decrease the quantity of water while you are wanting the finished quinoa being additional crispy for increasing a cooked recipe or even a beans salad recipe. It’s important in most of these tasty recipes never to overcook the quinoa. So in cases like this I will use one and a half glass rather than two glasses of water. It will guarantee that the water is boiled away within 8 -10 min’s. After that you can cool the quinoa completely ready to be used in a recipe.

Cooking Quinoa Water Ratio

cooking quinoa water ratio

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