Easy Quinoa Recipes

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For start,  you should read about Quinoa: what is quinoa, nutrition information and health benefits. In case you have never tried quinoa, you’ve got an authentic treat in front of you with many easy and tasty quinoa recipes.

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Quinoa Recipes

As I said before, this seed is very easy to cook. From uncooked to cooked quinoa it takes only 10 minutes. I can write all the process but, much better to see video how to cook quinoa from Ken Jonas, the author of very popular quinoa cookbook on Amazon.

Also i has recipes category, where i collect recipes from over the net and post the most interesting and tasty on my subjective opinion and add some of my creations and experiments. You’ll find recipes for breakfast, main dishes and desserts.

Quinoa Nutrition Facts

Easy Quinoa Recipes

Nowadays Quinoa is true regarded to be a “super food”. Nutrition experts are singing the praises of quinoa’s comprehensive healthy proteins profile additionally to the vitamin and mineral count. This delicious super food is one of the several seed based food products that delivers our bodies with all of nine of the amino acids(protein) that you should to eat for survive. Quinoa is all around the mass media. In the news, on television shows like “Big Loser” and of course all over the internet.

There is difference between cooked and uncooked quinoa, for more and detailed visit nutrition facts. Also check video about quinoa health benefits from nutrition expert Karen Roth.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is much like rice and couscous, mainly because it has very similar properties to

Easy Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa Seeds

them, and you could make and prepare it in pretty quite similar manner. It has a slightly nuttier taste, but based upon how you prepare it, it might taste very similar as well. Quinoa is a vital staple food for many who are living in the mountains, where there is dry climates or bad soil. Although for thousands of years quinoa was cultivated only in the Andes Mountains, nowadays it’s cultivated in the Rocky Mountains and Canada. Seed is easily obtainable in grocery, nutrition stores and of course you can buy quinoa online.

Quinoa is available in various colors and various sorts. You will find the common seeds which come within a cream, red and black color. Seed is extremely versatile and will be savored in several ways. Quinoa flakes may be used in baking as well as in breakfast every day cereals. Additionally you can use the flakes like a granola component. Quinoa flour is also great for replacements in special gluten-free bread and cookie recipes . Typical ways of use in soups, salads and blend fry recipes.

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